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We look forward to meeting you and your wonderful family. We are a high- quality program. We understand what it takes to making learning engaging and exciting. Call today to schedule a tour. You are going to love Creative Kidz Preschool.

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Frequently Asked Questions from Parents

  • Is Creative Kidz Child Care & Preschool licensed with the State of Texas?
    Yes, we are licensed with the State of Texas. We have been licensed since 2007, and we are dedicated to keeping our children safe and ensuring that learning is a fun and engaging experience for all of our young learners. Our commitment to maintaining our state license demonstrates our dedication to upholding the highest standards of care and education for the children in our program.
  • How will Creative Kidz Child Care & Preschool prepare my child for kindergarten?
    Creative Kidz Child Care & Preschool is dedicated to providing a high-quality curriculum that fully prepares your child for kindergarten. Our curriculum is designed to foster cognitive, social, and emotional development through a variety of engaging activities and experiences. We focus on developing early literacy and numeracy skills, as well as promoting positive social interactions and problem-solving abilities. Our teachers are experienced and trained to provide individualized support to each child, ensuring they are ready for the transition to kindergarten. With our focus on holistic development and school readiness, you can trust that your child will be well-prepared for the next stage of their educational journey at Creative Kidz Child Care & Preschool.
  • What makes Creative Kidz Preschool different from most Preschool programs?
    What makes us unique is that we work with our families . We also love our families to engage in their child learning journey. We understand that children learn at their own pace. So we are patience when it comes to teaching our young students. Learning should be fun and exciting. We love for our young students to explore the world around them and asks plenty of questions.
  • When is tuition due at Creative Kidz Child Care & Preschool?
    Tuition is due every Friday at 12:30 PM, regardless of whether or not your child is in attendance. This policy ensures that our programs and services can continue to operate smoothly and provide a consistent and high-quality experience for all of our enrolled children. We understand that unexpected circumstances may arise, so we encourage open communication with our families to discuss any challenges and explore potential solutions. Thank you for your cooperation and support in helping us maintain the excellence of our childcare and preschool programs.
  • Do you accept child care assistance for preschool enrollment at Creative Kidz Child Care & Preschool?
    Yes, we do accept child care assistance for preschool enrollment at Creative Kidz Child Care & Preschool. We understand the financial strain that child care costs can place on families, which is why we are committed to providing affordable options for all families. Our program is designed to accommodate families receiving child care assistance, and we work closely with relevant agencies to ensure a smooth enrollment process. Our goal is to provide high-quality education and care to all children, regardless of their financial circumstances. If you are interested in enrolling your child using child care assistance, please reach out to our enrollment team for more information on the application process.
  • What sets Creative Kidz Child Care & Preschool apart from other childcare programs?
    Creative Kidz Child Care & Preschool stands out from other childcare programs because we have partnered with Texas Rising Star, which guarantees that your child is enrolled in a high-quality preschool and childcare program. This means that our program meets the highest standards for quality education, health and safety, and professional development. We prioritize providing a nurturing and stimulating environment for children to learn and grow, and our partnership with Texas Rising Star reflects our commitment to excellence in early childhood education. With a focus on individualized attention, developmental learning, and a strong emphasis on creativity, our program is designed to prepare young children for a successful transition to kindergarten and beyond.
  • What are the operating hours for Creative Kidz Child Care & Preschool?
    Creative Kidz Child Care & Preschool is open 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, providing flexible scheduling options for working parents. Please note that we are closed on the weekends to allow our staff to rest and recharge, and to ensure a consistent and high-quality program for the children in our care. This schedule reflects our commitment to providing reliable, professional child care services that meet the needs of modern families. Our dedicated team is here to support and nurture your child's development throughout the week.
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