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"We Prepare Children  For School"

"Give Your Child a Head Start in Life with Our Preschool Program"

Our high quality preschool program for 2-3 year olds is designed to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment where children can learn and grow. We understand that this early stage of development is crucial for young children, and we are committed to providing a comprehensive program that fosters their physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development.

Our curriculum is tailored to meet the individual needs and interests of each child, and our experienced teachers work closely with parents to ensure that every child's progress is tracked and shared regularly. We believe that open communication between parents and teachers is essential for creating a positive and supportive learning environment for children.

In addition to regular assessments and progress reports, we also incorporate a variety of hands-on activities, play-based learning, and socialization opportunities to encourage children's natural curiosity and creativity. Our goal is to provide a safe and engaging space where children can explore and discover the world around them while building a strong foundation for future success.

Our Pre-K program for ages 4-5 yrs old is designed to provide an exceptional educational experience for young children, preparing them for the transition to Kindergarten and beyond. We understand the importance of providing a solid foundation for each child's learning journey, and our program is tailored to meet the unique needs of every student.

We take a comprehensive approach to child development, tracking and assessing progress through various developmental milestones. This enables us to identify areas of strength and areas where additional support is needed. We communicate progress with parents on a regular basis, keeping them informed of their child's growth and development.

Our curriculum is designed to foster creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, while also promoting social and emotional development. Our teachers are highly trained and experienced in working with young children, providing a safe and nurturing environment where each child can thrive.

At our Pre-K program, we believe that every child deserves the best possible start in life. We are committed to providing a high-quality education that prepares each child for success in Kindergarten and beyond.

Welcome to Creative Kidz Child Care & Preschool, a high quality child care program designed to meet the needs of families of all backgrounds.
At Creative Kidz, we offer a wide range of services to support children's development and prepare them for a bright future. Our program includes engaging and interactive learning experiences, as well as ample socialization opportunities to help children build strong relationships and develop important life skills. Contact us today to schedule a tour and start your child's journey with us!

"Building a Strong Foundation: Our Exceptional Pre-K Program"

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